7 Cool Gadgets Used by Local Celebrities


To some degree, we all love tech. Sharing something with people we look up to makes us feel closer to them, so we here at Gadgets decided to ask a few local celebrities what cool gadgets they use.

Stella Cini
LED Light-Up Mirror

One cool thing that Stella uses most often is this LED light-up mirror, which has a small button that lights up a string of LED lights, creating a soft, even glow. This lighting really helps when getting ready, and taking photos. It’s something that most of my followers ask me about and is one of the coolest things I own.

Mark Laurence Zammit
Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Desk

Being somebody who is constantly on the edge of social media, Mark Laurence uses his laptop extensively. In order to do so while maintaining TV presentable posture, he makes use of this reliable laptop stand to avoid slouching.

Madeleine Baldacchino
Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Camera

An avid lover of photography, Madeleine has recently invested in a Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Camera, using both 56mm and 23mm lenses. With a creative mind and an eye for a shot, we look forward to seeing what she comes up with. 

Monique Farrugia
Happy Plug White Marble Earphones

Juggling a Master’s degree, personal training, and a blooming social media account is no easy task. Having reliable earphones to use when enjoying downtime is a must, and Monique loves the sleek finish on these earphones.

Ivan Grech
Nespresso Machine

A silky voice needs smooth coffee to complement it. Ivan uses his Nespresso machine every day, and loves the consistent quality and ease when using this tiny, yet powerful little machine. 

Denise Gafa
WHOOP strap

This cool little fitness band provides Denise with all the important data she needs to monitor her workouts. Calories spent, distance, pace and heart rate are just a few of the datasets it provides. Coupled with its minimalist design, what’s not to love?

Sarah Zerafa
Flying Tiger Bluetooth Remote for Selfies

Being a person who loves selfies, Sarah always tries to finds different angles and dimensions from the standard selfie. It’s super convenient if you’re alone and easy to use, just hide the remote in your hand and click away! 

Clearly, these gadgets make these celebs lives easier, and we can see why. Would you use any of these? What other tech do you think they should use? Let us know!