7 Apps to Download During Isolation


The world is currently under the shadow of the Coronavirus, and we’re all wondering how to adapt to this strange new world. Most of us are sensibly staying at home, in isolation. And while binge-watching TV shows on Netflix may help us kill some hours, we may soon crave something more substantial to spend our time on. Luckily, these 7 clever apps offer a lot for the house-bound public.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen commercials for Masterclass online. The concept is simple: Online video courses, on countless subjects, offered by the best in the field.  And when we say the best, we mean it: Martin Scorsese teaches you filmmaking, Gordon Ramsay will guide you through cooking, Neil Gaiman offers classes on writing…the wealth of talent Masterclass has collected is truly unbelievable. You can opt for a single class, or an all-access pass. For those with insatiable curiosity and time to spare, it’s money well spent.


It’s important to keep your mind active during isolation, and set yourself challenges. What better way to do that then learn a language? If that sounds like a dreary chore, you’ve never tried Duolingo. This app turns learning a language into an addictive game, with level, medals and prizes to unlock. And that’s not mentioning the cutest mascot we’ve ever seen: Duo the Owl.


Staying indoors can be an easy way to slide into laziness and unhealthy eating habits. We know how tempting it would be to lay on the couch and eat pizza. Thing is, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to an unhealthy mind.  Noom is there to inspire you to eat right, with exciting diet plans that are personalized to you. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds, or create a completely new lifestyle for yourself, Noom is the easy-to-use way to go.



There’s a good chance that, like many of us, you’re working from home. And that takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, Zoom makes group meetings and conferences a lot easier. It’s currently becoming a sweeping craze in America. Bursting with features, such as screen-sharing and white-board tools, Zoom has not only become a hit with offices but also with teachers trying to teach their students remotely.


With quarantine, most have us have some more time to learn new skills, and Udemy is a great app to help you start. It offers thousands of courses in a variety of skills, whether it’s learning a program, photography, writing, cooking, editing..really, anything you can think of, with very affordable prices (most courses are around 11 euros). Now’s the time to learn to your heart’s content!


You’re probably a little stressed out. Whether you’re worried about your health, your relatives, or your job, it’s easy to get overly anxious. Meditation is a hugely helpful way to de-stress and stay positive. If that all sounds off-puttingly new age and spiritual to you, then give Headspace a try. It’s refreshingly down-to-earth, simple to use and fun. Its guided meditation tutorials are backed up by health professionals, and are the ideal antidote to these nerve-wracking times.



Many of us feel guilty about not reading enough. While we were bookworms as kids, it’s hard to stay focused on reading now we’re adults. Thank the App gods, then, for Audible, from Amazon. This gives users access to countless books in audiobook form, allowing you to consume book after book in a fraction of the time it’d take you to read them. Whether you’re craving a good novel, a self-help book or some fascinating biographies, Audible has it all.