5 Ways Malta’s Christmas Will Differ & How To Make The Most Of It

Valletta photo: Clifton Fenech

It’s been the strangest of years, and it’s showing no signs of letting up. 2020 started off with Australia on fire, we’re going through a pandemic that started in March as toilet paper almost became a priceless commodity and we now fart to cover coughs instead of the opposite. Now, despite being told that Christmas won’t be cancelled, Christmas is still going to be different.

Reduced lunch numbers

Let’s start with the obvious. We won’t be able to meet in our typical fashion, where family members near and far come together on one day. Meeting on different days is one option, or having friends/family video calls is probably the safest option right now. For Thanksgiving, Zoom and other video calling apps removed time limits, so here’s hoping they do the same for Christmas.

Video calls are not an alien concept anymore

Shopping done online

If this is to be the case, time’s running out, so get busy shopping now. Most websites will have a cut-off date ensuring delivery is done in time for Christmas, but if you’re planning a Secret Santa gift run, now’s the time. You can also check out our online shop for some funky gadgety gifts!

Masks to avoid awkward convos?

The masks might get a bit annoying after a while (especially for those who wear glasses, but they’re not without their uses. Apart from aiding in not contracting the virus, your face is half-covered. Use that as a tactic to avoid awkward chats with that one acquaintance you never really know what to say to.

Works every time

Will midnight mass take place?

Oh ye of faith…will the traditional midnight mass take place, or will it fall victim to the virus too? It would be a pity, if an understandable one, but for some it’s a tradition that goes way back and is probably also steeped in sentimental value. Could it take place with social distancing measures currently in place? We’ll see…

No Christmas staff parties…suppost

The warnings have already been sounded – just because bars are operating in a reduced capacity, it doesn’t mean offices can take on that mantle. Keep respecting social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitising guidelines, and if you sneak a drink or two, do yourself and others a favour, and don’t drive. eCabs, Bolt and Cool are all viable on-demand app options, so make use of them!

How will you be celebrating Chrismtas this year?