5 Pickings From Apple’s iOS 14


Last week we talked about Apple’s Autumn 2020 event, and though we didn’t mention iOS 14 then, we’re going into detail now! We’ve taken our time to think about it, and we’ve chosen 5 key features that we absolutely love!

Welcome home

The best place to start is definitely the home screen. It’s possibly the first real update it’s had, and you can finally add widgets there too. They’re re-sizeable, can be stacked and you can change their appearance. For someone with a mild colour-coding OCD, it’s perfect. Honestly, is there a more serene view than this? Here’s the guide on how to change your app colours. Enjoy!

Browse your browser

Once installed, iOS 14 will allow you to change your default Internet browser and e-mail, so if you’re not too fond of Safari and Mail, your prayers have finally been answered. Chrome, Firefox, Edge – even DuckDuckGo, they’re all there.

Say What Now?

There’s a fancy new translation app that is default, but can be removed if you so wish. It’s got 11 languages, but the best part is that it can work offline too. So, if you’re stranded somewhere out of range, you can rely on something more than just prayers.

Picture in Picture

Sure, it’s been available on iPad and Android phones for a while, but now it’s on iPhone. Basically, if you close or switch apps while a video is playing, it will open in a resizable window. Good as it may be, it doesn’t apply to YouTube, unless you sign up for YouTube Premium.

Tippy-tappy makes us happy

It takes a bit of digging to get there, but in the Accessibility settings, you can map and connect actions to different taps on the back of your phone! Working on iPhone 8 or higher, you can tap your phone two times for it to execute one function, or three taps for another. For example, you can double-tap to mute your phone, triple tap for a screenshot and so on. Snazzy as it may be, it’s still a bit slow right now, but it’s just the first beta, so expect it to get better in time. Here’s how to set it up!