5 People LOSING their Jobs to robots


Researchers at the University of Oxford have estimated that a whopping 47% of U.S. jobs will become automated within the next two decades.
Robots are technologies that are able to learn algorithms and run on purpose built systems to carry out a task.
We know robots are going to take our jobs; the question is – who’s jobs are they taking first?

  1. Accountants
    Data processing has definitely created more jobs than it has eliminated. Although robots quick learning and perfection might soon start pushing accountants out of their office chairs. Robots would definitely do jobs like these which involves loads of different values as algorithms will be coded in a way that the job will be done perfectly, every time.
  2. Doctors
    Perhaps the hardest on the list to replace. Robots will definitely make the best doctors by relying on nothing other than facts found out through various health tests and their hypothesis will be based on nothing but. The introduction of automated doctors would help as with the rate the world’s population is going up; we will never haveĀ enough doctors.
  3. Report Writers
    Maybe not creative writers soon, although report writing based on data, that is written in a very consistent way could soon become automated. This is because machines are being taught to read data, pattern match images, video and create very readable writing.
  4. Drivers
    We are already witnessing this, especially after Tesla have been leading the self-driving scene.
  5. Pharmacists
    Computers will simply have to receive prescriptions and the machine assemble will be able to maneuver across a plastic ring that contains the medication needed.