5 Green Habits To Live More Sustainably


Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? It takes consistency to make it happen. Baby steps to giant stomps until finally, the voice is heard and the necessary entities will have no choice but to listen.

And that explains how sustainability has come a long way. Through awareness and constant pressure by different entities and groups, now a sustainable economy (or more precisely, a circular economy), stands at the core of a worldwide aspiration – a world hauled to find quick solutions to eliminate waste and excess, seeing how its raw resources are now being depleted.

However, we all contribute to change, and our collective little efforts are mountainous to overall change. Here are five simple practices you can start doing today to make the world more sustainable.

1. The obvious – take them bags with you

There are numerous foldable bags that can easily fit inside your bag. It’s a small habit which you can get easily get used to. Drop in some Veggie Bags – they are not only very spacious to shop with, but they also keep vegetables fresh when stored.

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2. Why use one bag for each item?

For example – you have two green peppers, six carrots and a turnip. Take the items one by one to the counter; once they are weighed and counted, put them all in the same bag. For most items, you don’t need a bag for each item – this is pointless and unnecessary.

3. The Black Bag – the antithesis of sustainability

Creative ideas like wrapping presents with strings instead of adhesive tapes, or using organic brown paper rather than non-recyclable wrapping paper, are becoming more popular. Still, such non-recyclable items like foil, tapes and baking paper are harder to replace – and unfortunately, have to go to the non-recyclable black bags.

Revisiting The Basics: Stylish Ways To Wrap Gifts In Brown Paper

Locally, however, black bags are still a favourite way to deposit waste. There is no excuse for putting recyclable plastic in a black bag rather than a grey recyclable one – it’s a matter of washing up the recyclable items, just like you wash any item in your household. Let’s all be respectful for a better life, beyond just our doorstep.

If you have any doubts about what is recyclable or not, there are concise guidelines that can help you out.

4. Organic can take more than just food

Organic means that it’s easily biodegradable. The organics bin can take much more than just food. Brown paper and cardboard for example are all organic and can be disposed of accordingly.

Egg Boxes - Grey 1/2 Dozen (6 Eggs)

Also, choosing to buy the eggs in grey cartons (rather than the plastic ones) means you’re choosing the most ecofriendly option – they are easily degradable and can be disposed of in the organic as well.

5. Refills rather than newly packaged

Nuts, legumes, grains – these are just minor examples where you can get your own bags to fill with, rather than buying packaged items.

Refill Directory - Suffolk Recycling

You can also buy detergents on tap from places like Saponando and Pure. You just go with former detergent plastic bottles, and do a refill.

Do you already make use of such practices? Share the article and encourage your friends and family towards a more sustainable life.