5 Gadgets We Wish We Could Shop Locally


Despite Malta boasting history older than the pyramids, some businesses just seem to forget about us. Of course, it’s all business and nothing personal, but it still kinda hurts when you have to ship the item here (if they do). Here are 5 things we wish we could get our hands on immediately, but seems we’ll have to wait.

Furbo Dog Camera

We love our pets, that goes without saying, and although cameras to check ’em during the day are nothing new, this one is special. It’s got a lovely minimalist design that means it’ll fit anywhere, but it also comes with a treat dispenser, barking sensor and two-way communication. So, it’s as close as Zoom calling your pet, and the treat dispenser keeps their attention!

Keep it clean

Yes, UV disinfectants are super handy, about that there is no doubt. But what if there’s a gadget that disinfects and safely wipes your screen clean too? That’s the Carbon Smartphone Cleaner by smartklear. It kills bacteria, wipes smudges, streaks and oily fingerprints, and also uses an invisible carbon substance that repels dirt.

Safety first

We’ve seen them in countless spy movies, but biometric locks are indeed a thing. This one by master supports up to 10 fingerprints if it’s being used by various people, and it comes with an easy to use CR2 battery. And if it dies while locked, a battery jump will allow for temporary access. Neat.

Setting the scene

Sure, we’ve got a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers, but like these? Not quite, as far as we know. These are LED outdoor Bluetooth speakers that give a flame-like effect, while great sound helps set the scene. Water-resistant, rechargeable, and on our wishlist.

I see…

How many of us hang our glasses off our shirts or pockets, forget about them until the moment they slip off and crash to the ground? Well, this nifty little magnet solves that issue. Just make sure not to include it in the wash.

Know of any local retailer stocking these or other awesome gadgets? Tag them in the comments section!