5 Apps that will CHANGE Malta

  1. Nearest Pastizzi Shop

    We have all been in that situation before. Craving greasy Maltese food in a locality you aren’t familiar with. Open app; tag your location – satisfy craving.

  2. Parking finder at UNI

    Parking at Uni is an extreme problem, loads of students have complained and nothing has changed. Going for your 8am lecture and not finding parking; now that’s frustrating. What if you can check if there was parking before going round over 5 times just to make sure.

  3. Traffic live feed by route

    Have somewhere to be urgently? Check out the traffic before you get stuck in it. Avoid blocked routes; save time.

  4. Speed limit warning

    That pesky 50km/h speed camera in Attard has caught over 12,000 people speeding in under a year. Get warned when you are about to enter an area of low travelling speed and avoid hurting others and yourself.

  5. Time left until 3rd degree sun burns

    If only we could calculate the amount of time we can spend in the sun without sunblock before developing lobster-like skin.