5 Apps to Help You Get Things Done


The Internet has taken procrastination to a new level.. It’s all too easy these days to get distracted when we’re supposed to be putting our head down to work. A whole world of quick and easy entertainment is right there at our fingertips.

However the Internet is a powerful tool, and if used well, it might just make you more productive than you ever could imagine. Here are 5 Apps we recommend to help you get things done!

1. AppDetox

Smartphones can be scarily addictive (just take a look around you next time you’re in public). Thankfully, AppDetox can help you get over your addiction. It offers a number of options, such as setting ‘usage time’ limits to certain apps, and will send you notifications if you’ve started to break your own rules. You can also schedule times in the day where you can treat yourself with social media, or block apps completely. Don’t worry: you set the rules, so it can be as harsh, or lenient as you like.

2. Lanes

Lanes is a sleek and simple app that can be used both on your smartphone or desktop. Basically, Lanes is an all-in-one type task manager with a number of useful features. There are customizable timers, easy to-do lists, and ways to get insights into how productive you are. There are also fun leadership boards for you and your friends to compete pon ( nothing more motivational than some friendly rivalry!).

3. Forest

This is a pretty ingenious app to help you stay on track. When you want to stay focused on a certain task, you use the app to plant a virtual tree. If you avoid using your phone, it’ll grow, but if you leave the app before the time is up, your poor plant dies. The more focused you are, the bigger, and brighter, your forest becomes. And the best thing is that you can spend the virtual coins you receive to plant actual trees in real life. So, you’re staying focused, and saving the planet… what’s not to love?

4. Freedom

Freedom is the perhaps the most popular anti-procrastination app out there, used by over a million people, and has been featured in Time, The Guardian and the Oprah Magazine. This app lets you block the websites that distract you most. You can even block the whole of the internet, if you prefer, and sync your restrictions across all your devices. 

5. 135

One of the big prohibitors to productivity is trying to pile too much on our plate. If you wake up with dozens of things in mind to do, you could feel overwhelmed, as, as a consequence, avoid working on anything. 135 is a simple list-keeping app, where, each day, you can give yourself 1 big task, 3 medium things and 5 small ones. By breaking down tasks with the 1-3-5 system, you’ll feel far more confident about accomplishing your daily goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Just downloading one of these apps is the first step to the new you! The internet can be your best ally in the fight against distraction… Now get ready for one hell of a productive year!