4 Fun Things To Do When You’re 130 Years Old


Health tech is advancing in such ways that as average life expectancy increases, we will also be healthier than our current elderly are when we reach their age. One recent study, however, might just have put the brakes on our maximum limit though, capping maximum human life expectancy at 150 years old. Would that mean that 130 is the new 80? And what can we do in these post-golden years?

Who says 150?

How many people do you know who say they want to live forever? For the time being, to achieve that goal, we’ll have to count on preserving intelligence into a digital and AI format. Think of what Kanye recently did for wife Kim, or the theory of uploading human minds to robots and avatars.

However, in a physical sense, researchers have found that body resilience abandons us at age 120. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun! So, if we reach an average life expectancy of 130, here’s what we can get up to, if we’re able and willing!

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Wheelchair race your kids & grandkids

If you’re 140, that could place your kids at 100, and their kids at 80…so you could have family wheelchair or mobility scooter races. Tech’s advanced in this department too; imagine yourself rolling around in one of these ATV scooters. Dreams don’t even come close.

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Gaming tournaments

If the current generation keeps making use of gaming consoles, we could have the 100+ year old club gaming tournaments. it would also give us a spark of joy to crush our less experienced nephews in Crash Team Racing, FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty…this writer’s looking forward in anticipation already.

The real question is, if there’s another console shortage like the PS5, would the elderly get preference in the pecking order?

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Get rekt, newbie…

100 year olds on TikTok

While there are 110 year olds with videos on TikTok, they’ve been posted on a younger person’s account. What we’re talking about is 110 year-old account owners. Think you’ve got one last TikTok dance in those bones? And who will be the first TikToker to actively own an account for 100 years or more?

Old Man Steve is an 82-year old TikToker who’s become a star in the US through his signature bucket hat and videos of his daily life. No fancy dance moves, just some good old advice, that we’ll expand on below.

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Become Podcasters

The Maltese saying goes “kliem ix-xiħ żomm fih“, the meaning of which is that elderly people are wise and you should pay heed to what they have to say. So, here’s to the elderly podcasters of today, and the future 100 year old podcasters of tomorrow, sharing their thoughts, knowledge and life-long habits that got them this far.

Ida Schuster was possibly the world’s oldest podcaster before her recent passing at age 101, so there’s space for someone to take up her mantle now, and who knows how many will in the future!

101-year-old Ida Schuster becomes world's oldest podcaster; INT... Stock  Footage Video - Getty Images

What actions would you want to get up to in your older elder years? Tell us in the comments!