Like Our 3D Printed Awards? Then Find Out More About The Artists Behind Them


The Gadgets and VSQUARED Christmas Party had a lot going for it: great food, plenty of
booze, and some rather terrible dad-dancing. However, the most memorable moment was
undoubtedly the award-giving, where employees were rewarded with some very stylish

For our directors, deciding where to source these trophies from couldn’t be easier: our
friends at Invent 3D; and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result!
Invent 3D, if you’ve not heard of it, is a 3D printing firm, founded by David Sciberras and his
wife Alex back in 2018. Back then, it was a modest start-up: a one-car garage with just three
or four 3D printers to its name.

But, like 3D Printing itself, their company evolved very quickly. Now, Invent 3D is a
full-blown 3D printing farm, with a team of 7 employees running around 150 machines. Here
they design, manufacture and supply objects to clients in Malta, and beyond.
Trophies are something of their specialty, offering a full turnkey service, starting with the
conceptual design to the final touches. We loved the process, sending some rough ideas
and sketches, and receiving some stunning designs and mock-ups back from their team, so
we knew exactly what to expect.

And we’re not alone: Invent 3D has catered for a whopping 200+ award ceremonies,
including the Lovin Malta Social Media Awards.

But the beauty of 3D printing is that the sky’s the limit. They can produce items ranging from
manufacturing supplies, automotive parts, and biomedical devices, to fantasy and sci-fi
figurines. Hell, the company even printed an astonishingly realistic full-scale Velociraptor

David and his crew are also taking a bold step forward by pushing to use recycled filament.
This far more sustainable form of 3D printing is still in its early days, with many
manufacturers yet to convert, but Invent 3D is leading the way for a greener industry.
This innovative company is making ripples not just in Malta, but abroad, catching the
attention of world-renowned Youtuber Joel Telling ( aka ‘3D Printing Nerd’), who was wowed
by the ambitious company in a recent video.

This is a constantly changing field, one that demands constant innovation. Thanks to having
everything done in-house, Invent 3D can stay nimble, and efficient and meet the needs of its
growing client base on time and above expectations.

Simply put, you dream it… they print it.