Get €300 CASHBACK on Black Friday


Black Friday marks the unofficial start to the shopping season. Pushing, shoving and mad discounts will be happening everywhere. Sales you never thought you would’ve seen before are happening and there is only one thing to do: Bargain Hunt.

Well, Gadgets & Direct Vision have got your work cut out for you.

A few lucky customers will be given the choice of two envelopes as they are about to check out their Black Friday special product at Direct Vision in Zejtun.

Gadgets’ very own Ian will be in disguise awaiting to give lucky shoppers their chance!

Within one envelope are the words “YOU ARE A WINNER” in which case the shopper will get €300 cashback on their purchase. If their purchase does not surpass €300, they are given 10 minutes chance to grab products adding up to that amount.
10 minutes to grab whatever you want and be granted €300 cashback, what a rush.

The other envelope indicates that you are not a winner in this case and will only be lucky enough to celebrate the crazy Black Friday discounts from Direct Vision.

Any balance over and above the €300 mark would have to be paid for by the client.