3 Steps For Added Security Against Cyber Attacks


System failures, accidents, natural disasters and cyber-attacks are all real threats to the general operation of any company and organisation; the resulting outage is both costly and havoc-wreaking. The need to have a Disaster-Recovery (DR) cloud service is crucial. But is it enough?

Here are 3 steps that offer a holistic approach towards cybersecurity.

Invest in a Cloud System

Most companies are modernising and one of the key factors to secure any company’s data is through data migration to cloud services; clouds have become a centre-point location to store, access and backup data.

What Is Cloud Security? Definition & Benefits

Clouds have revolutionised the economics of disaster recovery; the latter has become more accessible to even the smallest of companies that have no budget to invest in real in-house IT complex and costly solutions.

Consider well: Cloud DR vs In-House IT

Still, some companies have their own in-house IT team that has invested in expensive hardware for data backup purposes. Such arrangements can be complex and costly, but they have a set framework that works well.

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Cloud solutions can also be costly but they also serve their purpose. Each company has to analyse its present workflow, test platforms, calculate costs and devise their own needs; then chose a way forward.

Plan out a strategic emergency plan

Any company can subscribe to the best cloud disaster-recovery option available out there, but implementing an emergency plan is something else. Each company needs to have an efficient action plan that is carefully planned out by a dedicated team that is not only well-acquainted with the online fabric of their company but is also aware of the nature of different cyberattacks their companies can suffer. The dedicated team can then devise an efficient way forward for any cyber emergencies.

Data backups & emergency plans are equally crucial

Nowadays, having data backup through a cloud service is not the only IT essential when it comes to securing your company’s data; exploring and devising specific emergency plans are as much important because they can be equally damaging, or worse.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is encouraging discussions for companies to explore all possible security options and relevant action plans that consider the high stakes of cyber threats and adopt a more efficient approach towards cybersecurity.

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Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Is your company emergency-proof?