3 Self-Employed Local Writers To Look Out For


Gadgets is all about supporting local businesses, pandemic or not. This is why we’re going out of our way to lend a hand to whomever we can, and this time we’ve picked three freelancing content writers who’ve got something extra to offer!

The full package

Although this is not a ranked list, it’s hard to start elsewhere than xorx creative (pronounced “x or x” in case you were wondering). Krysta Micallef, who runs this creative train, handles illustrations and design work as well as content writing. Check out her portfolio and get in touch to get cracking on your next successful project!

The journo

Journalist and journeyman (though he’s based in Malta right now), Gabriel Schembri has worked in some of Malta’s top newsrooms but is also a self-employed writer. Take a look at his sample work here, and click here to get in touch. He’s also got two published works, “Esklussiva Dotkom”, and “Patria”, both of which are well worth a look at!

View more: https://gabrielschembri.com/articles/features/

Photo finish

If it’s writing and photography you want, then Joanna Demarco‘s the person you’re looking for. With published works in The Washington Post, The Guardian, Getty, Libération, Der Spiegel, and Forbes to name but a few, Joanna’s got the talent to go with the experience, and all the natural curiosity a journalist’s expected to have. Get in touch with her here.

View more: https://www.joannademarco.com/featured

Have you got a set of skills that people should know about? Get in touch with us we’ll give you an honourable mention!