3 Hidden Features & 1 Bonus Rumour To Make You Install iOS15 ASAP


When the latest iOS becomes available, not everyone tends to be head over heels about installing it. However, iOS 15 is set to be a pretty big one compared to the others, so once the beta is sorted out, make sure to download and tell us your experience!

Your camera can scan signs & business cards

How many times have you wished to point your phone at a sign or piece of paper for it to scan text on a paper and copy that into an e-mail or document? If your answer is more than once, you’ll be thrilled with iOS 15. When available, just long-press inside a text field as though you’re going to use the copy and text function.

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This time, added to that, you’ll see a Scan Text option as well as a button that uses the scan icon, which looks like a piece of paper with brackets around it. Once you tap the button, your keyboard will be replaced by the iPhone camera’s viewfinder. Point it at whatever you want to scan, and follow the prompts on the screen. 

As you’re lining up the camera and text just right, you’ll see a live preview of the text your iPhone is identifying and ready to place in your document. Press Insert when you’re ready. How’s that for an easy way of inputting an e-mail address or phone number off of a business card, or scanning a quote from a book for an e-mail?

Drag & drop across apps on iPhone

Just like the iPad, you’ll soon be able to drag-and-drop documents, text or pictures between apps. Just drag-and-drop them from the Photos app to the Messages app, for example, and you’re on your way. No need to open the picture itself, just hold your finger on the thumbnail, drag across the screen and switch to the messages app.

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After, you’ll see a green circle with a plus sign in it on the thumbnail. This means you can lift your finger and the photo will drop into the text field, ready to be sent. The same technique also applies when attaching a document from the Files app to an email.

Change the size of text for specific apps

At the moment, you can only change the system-wide font size. With iOS 15 though, you’ll be able to change the size of the font on an app-by-app basis. That’s one size for the Mail app, and then a different size assigned to the Instagram app. Just head to Settings, then Control Center and scroll down until you find the option labelled Text Size by tapping on the green + sign.

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The next time you’re in an app and you want to adjust text size, open Control Center (more on this below) and tap on the Text Size button. Slide the button at the bottom of the screen to the left side of the toggle to indicate you only want your changes applied to the app you’re currently on, and then adjust the font size up or down. 

Bonus round!

Our very own Apple aficionado Kyle is also looking forward to what iOS15 is bringing, including something very particular about accessing the control centre. “Not many rumours are talking about this”, he said, “and it’s probably the most thing I’m personally excited for. But whether from the top or from the bottom, we’re definitely getting a completely re-designed control centre look!”

But there’s more than just a revamped look. “There’s a chance that the slide from below control centre is coming back to iOS, and it would be a total game-changer. Just think about how much many times a day you normally stretch your thumb to open the control centre from the top of your screen… well, those acrobatic days might soon be over! Not to mention the even bigger relief for the iPhone Max users!”

If you come across anything on iOS 15 that we’ve not mentioned, make sure to get in touch with us!