110-Year-Old Maltese Theatre Company To Use Zoom For Birthday


Once lockdown had been lifted and some businesses began getting back up on their feet, even if only a bit, some were just never going to catch a break. Some businesses opened online selling platforms, others began holding meetings or classes online. One sector where no level of video-sharing tech can do it justice is the performing arts.

Not-so-happy birthday?

On October 10th, MADC will be celebrating its 110th year of existence through a variety of events and activities for their club members. Fun though they may be, there is still a melancholic undertone. Amongst the events will be games of charades, bingo and quizzes for the members, as well as a dance workout by Francesco Nicodeme. This momentous occasion, however, will have to be celebrated via a live Zoom call from the MADC clubrooms in Santa Venera.

Support the ones who matter

Of course, everyone can do with a bit of help in times like these. If you think that the performing arts are not worth the support however, think of how lockdown was spent. People bingeing on series and movies, blazing through Spotify playlists, reading books and so on. This is all thanks to the amazing people like the ones at MADC for whom performing is not a job or a task, it’s their life and reason for being.

Let’s take this moment to try and pull together and support everyone that we can, in whichever way we can, starting 10th October for MADC’s 110th birthday.

Time out was used for some refurbishment and upgrades!