10 Pages You Need To Follow


Everybody’s stuck at home, and now more than ever we need inspiration and positivity in our lives. Here’s a list of ten different social media pages, both local and international, that are sure to put a smile on your face and maybe even inspire you to start anything new!

1.) Humans of New York

New York City, one story at a time. This page is probably one of the must-follow pages on the internet. It tells the stories of random people across New York, and it gives you a perspective on the life you’re living and what other people are going through. The stories can make you angry, sad, terrified, and probably every other emotion! Given our current situation, it’s gone from speaking to people in the street to people living in quarantine.

2.) Natgeotravel

If there’s one thing we’re dying to do again, it’s travelling. You’ve definitely heard of National Geographic, but their Instagram page is something you definitely want to follow. It shows you every corner of the world, things you didn’t even know existed, and occasionally… cute baby penguins. I mean, it’s worth following even just for the penguins. Is there a dedicated baby penguin Instagram page somewhere? Hmm…

3.) Texts From Your Existentialist

Texts from your ex, but without the heartbreak. This is a super aesthetic Instagram feed that posts all kinds of different pictures and messages, which make you think and possibly give you a reality check if you needed it. If not for the content of the messages, the way the photos are presented and the design of the feed is definitely unique.

4.) National Portrait Gallery

This Instagram page will take you on a journey through history, and show you some amazing photos and drawings at the same time. You’ll get to learn about the stories behind certain works of art and possibly inspire yourself with different art styles to get your designs going and possibly create a work of art yourself! Their online presence is now as important as ever given that the actual gallery had to close due to COVID-19.

5.) Fashion Dads

That’s right – Fashion Dads. This Instagram page is full of dads being… well, dads. This is sure to put a smile on your face as you see the ridiculous (but brave) outfits these fathers are wearing. Socks & sandals will be the LEAST of your worries on this page.

6.) The People of Malta

This is just like Humans of New York, but – you guessed it – based in Malta. This Maltese page tells the stories of our own country’s people and maybe these stories will hit closer to home, sometimes literally. You’re bound to see someone you know pop up on this page!

7.) 3DMN

All those 3D printer enthusiasts out there, here’s a Maltese YouTube channel that’s gaining traction like crazy, and is a must-follow for anyone interested in 3D printers at all! If you’re a beginner and want to get into 3D printing, then we recommend it all the more, as it’ll help you get started on what kind of prints you want to make, and what kind of printer you need for it.

8.) Nathan W. Pyle

Nathan W. Pyle’s comics are unique, witty, and downright adorable (sometimes). If you’re into comedy, or an illustrator, then this is a good page to follow, as it has a very original take on comics and delivery of humor. His most popular are the aliens that over-explain their sentences and make fun of daily human life and experience.

9.) VICE

You’ve probably heard of this page, as it’s one of the most popular and well known online pages. Their content could be compared to that of LadBible and the sorts, but they get a bit more serious sometimes. They delve into taboo subjects and discussions that can grip your curiosity very quickly. If you want some especially risque content on your feed, then definitely follow this one!

10.) Bis-Serjetà

Probably one of the funniest satirical Maltese pages to ever grace our Facebook feeds, this is sure to deliver a satirical take on all the popular news coming out on our island. If you’re looking to balance out the serious news reports from reputable news outlets with a little bit of humor, then definitely follow this one. They (sometimes) disguise themselves as a serious news post, which makes you laugh even harder once you read the name of the page that posted it.

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