10 Japanese Inventions We Wish Were Available in Malta


Different cultures can be brain-boggling, and none can blow the mind quite like Japan’s. It’s wildly inventive, and while some of Japan’s creations have been lovingly embraced by the west (Sushi and Anime, to name a few), other Japanese inventions have yet to enter the global mainstream. Some may be undiscovered gems, others seem to redefine the word crazy. It’s a weird and wonderful world, so let’s jump into the 10 Japanese inventions we wish we had!

1)  Full Body Umbrella

Anyone who ever walked in heavy rain with an umbrella knows all too well that you’ll still get pretty wet. Why then, have we not taken a leaf out of Japan’s book with a full body umbrella? Sure, you’ll look a little like a walking condom. But that’s a small price to pay for keeping dry.

2)  Cube Watermelons

As fruits go, few look as cool as a watermelon. However, Japan took fruit-style to a whole new level with cube watermelons, made by growing them in square crates. They’ll be a badass dessert at your next dinner party, and are pretty easy to stack too.

3)  Public Restroom Stereo

Don’t we all hate people over-hearing us in public toilets? In Japan, people relieve themselves in peace thanks to these stereos that play music whilst you’re in the restroom, overpowering your unpleasant symphony of sounds with music.

4)  Cooling Trousers

Japan, like Malta, can get very humid. That is why Japanese men have the option of wearing Cooling Trousers. They have a battery powered fan that hangs on the outside, keeping your legs (and other junk) fresh as can be.

5)  Digital Measuring Spoon

When it comes to cooking, putting in the right amount of ingredients is essential. In Japan, it’s not uncommon for home-cooks to use electronic measuring spoons. Surely a must-have for anyone with a love of baking.

6)  Waterproof Book Cover

It’s summertime, and for the bookworms among us, that means reading on the beach. With a Japanese waterproof book-cover, though, getting pages wet isn’t an issue. You can even thumb through a page-turner while floating on a lilo, worry free, or get steamy with a romantic novel in the bath.

7)  Muscle Shirt

For guys, looking fit means many gruelling hours in a sweaty gym…or simply buying a Japanese Muscle Shirt. Wear in underneath your shirt, and transform yourself from a schlub into the latest Hemsworth brother. You’ll be getting lucky in no time (just make sure the lights are off when you get down to it).

8)  Portable Folding Washing Machine

Washing Machines in the west are bulky monstrosities, but in Japan you can easily purchase a Portable Washing Machine that folds down into the size of an average weighing scale. They’re adorable, and versatile, able to dry your clothes too. They can even make mucky trainers look brand new.  This would be the ultimate camping accessory.

9)  Honda U3X

Japanese tech giant Honda has done pretty much the impossible: they’ve made the unicycle cool. This device allows you to get from A to B looking like you’ve just come out of a portal from the future. To steer, simply lean your body in the direction you want to go. Not recommended for Malta’s main roads though!

10)  The Calorie Scanner

Losing weight is hard, but this bit of tech from Japan will make weight watching so much easier. The scanner uses infrared signal to measure the nutrients of any meal placed in front of it, and will give you data on how many calories lie within. Truly genius.