❗ Last-Minute Gifts To Buy On Christmas Eve ❗


It’s Christmas Eve. You’ve got your shopping done. Or so you thought. A lightning bolt from the blue strikes you out of your triumphant stupor and you suddenly have to run through a list of potential gifts. Well, stop now, because we have that list!


If the person you’ve forgotten is shaping their face forest going, then beard care is the place to go. So, check out this gift pack from Men in Malta, which has beard oil, cream and shampoo. Alternatively, Frank’s have got a trio kit of facial care that includes mud cleanser, tonic and a peel-off mask.

What’s the charge?

When it comes to charging stations, is there such a thing as too much? For the family whose gadgets are constantly drained, the 8 Port EVFun USB Charging Station is perfect. It takes both Android and Apple devices, and comes with charging cables too!

Wakey wakey!

For the tea and coffee lovers, check out the coffee section at Brew. Of course, it’s not just limited to the actual leaves and beans, but there’s plenty of gear to get lost in too!

Home delights

If all else fails, there’s no other way to frame it…than with a frame. Zara Home have plenty of options to choose from, it’s then up to you whether you’ve created enough happy memories to feature within!

Meet your master

True, we said this last time, but the gift of a Masterclass membership is unique. The recipient will get to “meet” their hero, or at the least get some awesome insight and learn some really cool stuff from them too.

We hope this list was helpful and that you can get back to enjoying the festive season!