Tour Malta on the Back of a Dog with Google Street View aka “Dog View”


Google Street View has made our lives that much easier. Walk through the city you are going to visit, check out the coffee shop before you grab a coffee – truly the possibilities are endless. Now, Google have come up with a new concept, where one can tour the city of Odate in Japan with the most local of locals: an Akita dog. Random, yes, but we all know the best way to get to know a city is from a local’s perspective. In the case of Odate, Japan, it doesn’t get more local than the (super cute and fluffy) Akita dog.

Google strapped a camera (in the most dog friendly way possible) to two different Akita dogs, Ako and Asuka, to give us a tour of their hometown in the cutest way possible.

Japan honours this breed of dogs so much that at the Shibuya station, there is a bronze statue of an Akita named Hachiko, who is famous for waiting for his owner at the station for nine years after he died.

We got to thinking dog view is something we need in Malta too so we have taken the liberty to bring Ako the Akita to Google Street View in Malta.

malta dog view akita

We started off by taking a nice stroll down by Spinola Bay, before heading off to our capital city, Valletta.

malta dog view akita

As we got to Valletta, Ako was sniffing around every corner and could not get enough of all that was going on in the busy side streets of our capital.

malta dog view akita

After the busy walk through Valletta, we decided to take Ako to every child’s dream place, Popeye’s Village in Mellieha, to check out what Popeye and Olive were up to.

malta dog view akita

Once we were in Mellieha, it was only right to drive down to Cirkewwa and grab a ferry to our sister island, Gozo. We headed down to Mgarr in Gozo to check out the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

That was thoroughly entertaining but now it’s time Google actually brings this feature to Malta on the back of a Maltese Pharaoh Hound or Maltese dog.