Practical Phone Hacks


You get ready for a night out, you get in your car and start making your way to that new wine bar in some obscure part of Siggiewi. But as you make your way to Zebbug (that is the only familiar way you know of getting to Siggiewi), you realize you need your phone for GPS. You search in your bag only to realize you left your phone at home. How will you ever find the bar? Suffice to say without our phones we feel lost! If you already thought that you couldn’t live without your mobile, we are giving you more reasons to keep that important device handy at all times.

Use your phone to brew your coffee

Are you a big coffee addict but find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? With Smart coffee makers, your café fit-tazza, can begin brewing while you’re still tucked under your cosy quilt. To experience this luxury, purchase a wifi enabled coffee maker and schedule your brewing time directly from your Smartphone.

No need for the rutella – I have my mobile

Do you ever find yourself looking for a measuring level to hang those picture frames which have been gathering dust?  No more excuses – you can use your mobile to put those memories in place. All you need to do is download apps such as Bubble Level or Ruler and you phone will be transformed into spirit levels. You can now do all your handy DIY without heading to the ironmonger shop in the pjazza.

Turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot

We’ve all been there – we go to our local coffee shop with our laptops to do some work only to find their WiFi is not working. How will we send that all-important presentation to our manager? Fret not – you can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot feeding your laptop with the much-needed Internet. To activate the hotspot go on settings, click on wireless and network settings, and tap on the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering option.

Check battery life on your remote control

Want to catch up with the latest episode of Strada Stretta but the TV remote seems to be stuck on a kid’s channel you toddler was glued to? Your phone can now detect whether the remote control is malfunctioning due to battery power. Simple point your phone’s camera and press any button on your remote. If the infra-red on the controller does not flash red then you need a new set of batteries.

Mirror your mobile screen to your TV

Are you streaming a funny video from your mobile which your friend sent you of their crazy antics at the Nadur Carnival? You can mirror whatever you’re watching on your phone to your TV screen. On your iPhone simply swipe up and click on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option. You may do the same on your chrome-enabled Android phone.


With even more uses for your phone, it is unlikely that you will ever forget your jack-of-all-trades, master device at home!