Meet Frank Zammit – The Maltese DJ who partied at World Club Dome Zero Gravity 2.0


Yesterday, Maltese DJ personality Frank Zammit boarded a flight which would create
zero-gravity. Why? To party with another 50 international personalities of course!
The real thrill was the plane’s 16 parabolic manoeuvres which created a zero-g effect
for everyone onboard. This is the second time that World Club Dome Zero Gravity
organized the out-of-the-norm, popular party. We spoke to Frank to get his first-hand experience of a party of a lifetime!

1. What gave you the idea of participating in the WCD Zero Gravity?

World Club Dome is an event that will be coming to Malta this Summer, through a
collaboration between G7 events, Gianpula and the Ministry of Tourism. One of the
events that is organised by WCD in Germany is Zero Gravity, which is an exclusive
VVIP party for a selected (and very lucky) few. I was asked to be Malta’s
ambassador in Zero Gravity and represent Vibe FM at the event!

2. Were you nervous before boarding the plane?

When you board the plane, there is a lot going on and a lot of media coverage. You
find yourself being nervous about what is about to hit, but at the same time you tend
to get caught up in all the media frenzy.  Having said that, over the past few weeks
we received plenty of information to ease ourselves in. We also had several medical
checks which was good preparation for what was to come. The day before the flight,
we had a full briefing with an astronaut who, not only talked us through the
procedures and what to expect, but also answered any questions we had no matter
how silly they might have been.

3. Was there any personality onboard who made an impression on you?

I was lucky to be mingling with some of the biggest names in entertainment – from
Timmy Trumpet to Amanda Cerny from Caro Einhoff to Dascha Polanco.  It will be
very difficult singling out one of them. But let’s just say Dascha Polanco is pretty set
on visiting Malta soon!

4. What was the most enjoyable part of this experience?

The complete weightlessness was the most enjoyable part because it is something
that you do not feel anywhere else. From the pre-flight butterflies to the safety
briefing, to putting on zero-g socks, to the 1.8G you feel right before floating away – I
had a smile on my face throughout! Timmy Trumpet played Bohemian Rhapsody as
part of his DJ set and, as a Queen fan, floating around in zero g whilst screaming my
head off to one of my favourite tunes will be something that will stay with me forever!

5. Which gadget did you find useful on your trip? (Or was there any gadget you couldn’t use which you desperately needed?)

I would have loved to have had my phone or Go-Pro on me to snap away some
shots. But all those were taken away from us and put away when we got onboard. I
was constantly checking my FitBit since I was very curious about how fast my heart
was beating. I was surprised to see it quite normal – about as much as when I
exercise or play football so my body was quite relaxed.

Credit: BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME

6. Would you do it again?

Totally! But then again, I know it’s a once in a lifetime, money-cannot-buy
experience. I am very much aware that it will probably never happen again and that I
was lucky enough to do it just once. I will remember this experience and cherish it
every time I drop something for a very long time!