If Kate Middleton Used a Technology Baby Name Generator


Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge has gone into labour. The internet is all waiting impatiently to find out if her third born will be a boy, girl and what she will name him/her.

So we had to give our input and speculate on what the baby’s name will be if she used a “technology baby name generator”.

Alexa Middleton

Inspired by the Amazon exclusive voice assistant, Alexa Middleton would be able to help you with all your digital needs, especially if they include online sales.

alexa middleton assistant

Ada Middleton

This might help if she wants her son/daughter to be remembered for that billion dollar startup based on an object-oriented high-level computer programming system. Or perhaps the cryptocurrency.

Ada-Coin middleton

Siri Middleton

Maybe Kate would like to have her daughter remembered for the Apple exclusive voice assistant, Siri. This will definitely turn heads when someone says “Hey Siri” and everyone’s voice command is activated.

siri voice middleton

Pascal Middleton

In the case that Kate gives birth to a baby boy, this is very possible. Pascal is taken from the programming language PASCAL that changed the programming game forever since it’s launch in 1970.

pascal programming

What tech names did we miss out on? Tell us in the comments below