If Maltese Politicians and Celebrities Had Youtube Channels

norman lowell vlog

With the YouTube partnership program set to start in September, we are sure there are countless Maltese people waiting to fulfil their lifelong dream of becoming YouTubers. With an island full of amazing scenes and people, we are bound to produce a number of worldwide Youtube stars such as Casey Neistat and Smosh.

So we felt it was only right to predict and speculate what channels local celebrities will be launching in the coming months.

Chris Cardona: Lifestyle and travel vlog

Chris Cardona has really travelled the world, all on his own. The Nomad has been to Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Monaco, London, Budapest among many other countries in just a few years! The man has a passion for travelling and living lavishly. Cardona has seen it all and will definitely make a great travel vlogger. Spending €10,951 in a few days in Monaco for business meetings, the man is the closest thing we have to Dan Bilzerian locally.

chris cardona minister travel

Lofti Power – Plumbing Channel

Check the pipes.

The man has a thing for making sure that your pipes are in check and you won’t have any messes caused by leaks from your pipes. Lofti Power has been the talk of the town, releasing absolute fire freestyles and songs recorded from his iPhone every chance he gets.

Valentina Rossi – Tasting weird sh*t

As we have seen from her Instagram stories, the Vibe FM radio host has a passion for tasting weird shit, really weird shit. From pickle juice to crickets, Valentina has tasted it all.

Skip to 2.55 to understand what we mean.

Marlene Farrugia – Conspiracy theory channel

Marlene Farrugia definitely has a different outlook on life and doesn’t seem to think the same way as everyone else. That’s a good thing though, isn’t it? Marlene would make a great Youtuber and is also great on camera as we have seen here.

Emma Muscat and Biondo – couple vlog

Malta’s very own power couple. Emma and Biondo would make a great team as they are both great on camera and have amazing characters. The duo could sit at home, sing in front of the computer and literally break the internet with their voice. I could see loads of people I know watching every single vlog religiously.

emma muscat biondo amici

Norman Lowell – Patriotic travel vlogger

Just imagine Norman Lowell walking around famous places around the world, complaining about all the foreigners and talking smack about their landmarks. Ta’ Malta isbaħ. With that soothing voice and confidence like no other, he would definitely be a success on Youtube.

norman lowell

Who else do you think would make a great Youtuber? Tell us in the comments below!