Your Must-have Gadgets To Keep You Warm This Winter


Can you still feel your fingers and toes? Probably not! It might be difficult to remove the numbness we have in our extremities with one of the coldest winters hitting the Maltese islands since 1981 where temperatures dropped to an icy 1.4°C. Will we survive the cold weather heading to our shores? Time to take out that hot chocolate (marshmallows anyone?), put those cosy slippers on and brace ourselves for a super freezing weekend. But can any gadgets help us brave the cold weather? Here are our top gadgets to keep you warm over the weekend.

Heated Mouse Pad

With exams around the corner, assignments galore, and many hours spent on a laptop, fingers easily become stiff with the cold. Solution? A fluffy heated mouse pad! The cosy pocket is a great accessory which can be connected to a USB port on a laptop or a PC.

Rechargeable Heated Vest

Shivering at your desk? Get yourself a rechargeable heated vest! The vest contains heated components on the back and chest areas, to provide long-lasting warmth and its lithium battery can be charged cordlessly. What’s even greater? It contains a USB port to charge your smartphone.

Bellfires Fireplace

Let’s be honest. We all want a fireplace to cosy up to on a cold winter’s night. Fireplaces create a wow factor to every living space and, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are also great to warm homes. Il Camino offers a variety of fireplace models ranging from wood-burning, gas and pellet-burning. The range starts from €3,100 for gas fireplaces. 

Microwaveable Furry Warmers

Toes longing to feel snug? With microwaveable furry warm slippers your feet experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.  All you need to do is pop the slippers in the microwave and a relaxing and soothing aroma will be released as you slip your feet into them.

Bluetooth Cosy Beanie

If outdoor sports is your thing, this bluetooth music beanie keeps your head warm while also keeping you connected to your music. It also has a built-in microphone available for handsfree answering.

Air-conditioner on Heat Mode

Our good old air-conditioner which is usually associated with the hot summer months, is actually great during the Winter months. It offers heat in an energy efficient manner without emitting any gases and acts as a dehumidifier which is ideal for Malta where humidity levels rise to almost 90%. If you’re looking to buy an air-conditioner, we suggest you check out the LOMO range. 

Our Furry Feline Friends

I guess a cat isn’t technically a gadget but is a must-have accessory to keep us warm in bed in Winter. Our feline friends offer warmth and comfort in those very cold nights when they snuggle up in bed and keep our feet warm.