Avoid the Flu with these Devices


Achoo! Oh no it’s flu season once again. If cold weather and exams weren’t enough to bring us down, we also have a bout of flu around. It’s not a great time to get it. Mater Dei Hospital has reached its full capacity due to a soaring number of cases of the seasonal illness. It’s a good time to make use of any preventative measures within reach! Here is our gadget list to protect you against catching colds and flu.

Reduce Stress

Stress is known to wreck havoc on the immune system making you more suspectible to colds and flu. Invest in a massage office chair to ease all your work tensions away. The chair can massage upper back, lower back and thighs and will give you that relaxed feeling you’ve been craving for at your desk.

Humidify your Home

Get the mucus in your nostrils to function better and act as a barrier against the flu by providing additional moisture in the air with a Pro Breeze humidifier. The nasal moisture also reduces snoring so friends and family can finally stop complaining!

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can bring down your immune system, leaving air passages in your nose and throat dry, and more susceptible to viruses. Keep yourself hydrated with a Smart Water Bottle with a vibration alert that reminds you to drink water. To reach you hydration goals, it can also be synced with fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Gizmo.

Keep your Hands to yourself

With a touchless soap dispenser, you avoid transferring icky germs from friends and family. Just place your hand under the dispenser and its infrared sensor will detect motion and release the anti-bacterial soap of your choice – get washing for at least 20 seconds.

Get Fit

Exercise releases the happy hormone endorphin, which triggers the body to relax, thus boosting the immune system. It also makes your body temperature rise, causing bacteria to be killed, which is flushed out while you sweat. A Smart Watch tracks daily exercise and overall physical activity which lets you know when you need to be more active or when you can sit back and relax for the afternoon.

Didn’t manage to escape the flu?

If all your preventative gadgets haven’t helped in staving off the flu, you can keep your temperature in check with the Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer. The device checks fevers through a simple forehead scan and tracks measurements on its Thermo app which offers health advice based on your age and medical history.