How To Get Android Auto in Any Car (Without a Car Screen)

android auto

What is Android Auto?

If you are someone that constantly finds your self dangerously picking up and using your smartphone while driving, Android Auto is for you.

Have you ever seen these newer cars coming out with beautiful, simplified displays that allow you to do so much more than simply press next on the song being streamed from your smartphone?

I have, and being an owner of a car that is almost my age, needless to say, I am jealous. I want a beautiful, simplified display that allows me to do more with my phone, without risking being fined.

Google claims that Android Auto is going to make driving safer by “minimising distractions”. The software was developed to encourage motorists to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel.

What does Android Auto do exactly?

Android Auto increases the size of the icons and reduces them to the bare essentials. You also get full Google assistant support to help keep your hands on the wheel. If your car supports it, you can even sync the screen to the centre console.

Something that I didn’t really like was Google Auto’s version of Spotify. I personally found the swipe left and right system on the actual app to be safer while driving, rather than having to press the much smaller next button.

While you ideally shouldn’t be using your phone, to begin with, it’s definitely a good compromise. Especially if you’re like me, and can’t drive without music, or regularly use Google Maps.

Do you think Android Auto will make people use their phone while driving less? Tell us what you think in the comments below.