7 Obsolete Household Items We Still Find in Malta

obsolete household items

The world has changed incredibly in the last 10 years and with many items that would have been deemed a necessity, becoming obsolete around the world. In Malta, these transitions to new technology take a little longer.

Here are seven household items that have become obsolete in countries like the US but can still be found around households and offices in Malta.

Printed phone books

Remember when we needed to look for someone’s number we would pick up the big, heavy phone book and begin furiously turning the pages until you found it? Well, you can still do that in Malta thanks to Yellow (which also has a great site for those of us ready to make the switch to paperless).

DVD Player

With Netflix taking the world by storm, the world has seen the quick demise of DVD rental stores and DVD players. In fact, in the US there is just one blockbuster left nationwide (that has a hilarious Twitter account):

In Malta, DVD players can still be found along with a number of DVD rental stores around the island.
obsolete household item - dvd player


Even with the calculator app pre-installed on phones, physical calculators can still be found in great numbers around households and offices in Malta. This ones isn’t going away any time soon.
obsolete household item - calculator

Fax Machines

Somehow fax machines still exist along with the stress created attempting to make them work.
obsolete household item - fax machine

Alarm Clocks

Another household gadget we really don’t need thanks to smartphones but still manage to find around households in Malta.
obsolete household item - alarm clock

CD Racks

Unfortunately these eyesores can still be spotted.
obsolete household item - cd rack

Takeout Menus

That one drawer full of takeout menus still exists in Maltese households.

obsolete household item - takeaway menu

Do you have any of these items in your household? Tell us in the comments below.