7 Crazy and Totally Useless Inventions (Vol. 1)

cigarette pack holder

It’s one of those days where we’ve found ourselves on some random corner of the internet looking at some incredibly useless and hilarious inventions (those days happen a lot around here). Let these seven, albeit creative, but ultimately disaster of inventions be a lesson to all inventors and entrepreneurs.

For our first volume of Crazy and Totally Useless Inventions, we’re taking it back to the 1900s.

Cigarette Pack Holder – 1955

cigarette pack holder

Meet useless invention #1. Perfect, if you need to lose your voice real quick.

Baby Holder – 1937

But why though?

Shower Hood – 1970

To make matters worse, the advert copy: “Made of oiled silk, this waterproof hood permits milady to enjoy the thrills of the shower without damaging her permanent wave.”

Dog Restrainer – 1940

When you get a pet dog, but realize you’re a cat person and find dogs absolutely disgusting. Okay, do these people actually exist?

Cigarette Holder Built For Two – 1955

Romance at its finest.

Mini Television – 1966

Imagine watching Game of Thrones on this.

Baby Cage – 1937

Words can’t even begin to describe what is happening here.

Which useless invention is the most ridiculous on our list? Tell us your opinion in the comments!