6 Techie FB pages in Malta you should be following


Are you looking for online communities to enjoy technology with like-minded individuals? The Gadgets team has put together a list of the most useful Facebook tech groups and pages in Malta. If you’re a PC lover and an avid gamer. If you’re just looking for phone hacks for your OnePlus, check out some of these great local Facebook platforms.

The Geek Hub

Created two years ago, the Geek Hub is an online community for geeks in Malta. The group was created with the aim of enabling users to buy, sell or trade anything which is considered cool to geeks.

“The Geek Hub has been set up as a space for adult geeks to discuss. Share and trade in a safe environment,” said page admin Matthew Carabott. The page has consistently grown over the years and page admins strive to keep it free or limited in commercial use. “The group has so far consistently gained strength in content quantity and quality. We are hoping we grow even further as an active geek community,” added Mr Carabott.

PlayStation Malta

Created for PlayStation fans in Malta, the group aims to bring together PS and PS Vita users.

“Initially the group was meant as a hangout for a small community of PlayStation enthusiasts,” said group admins Angelo Abela and Conrad Fenech. The group became a huge hit with thousands of local members, once PlayStation 4 was released. “We regularly share news and discuss gaming related topics. Also try to help out with any PlayStation queries community members might have,” group admins added.

OnePlus Malta

Originally created to serve as an online space to ask queries related to OnePlus Smartphones, over the years the group has evolved into a OnePlus Marketplace.

“I am a OnePlus user myself, and I thought why not create a sort of community for sharing problem solutions. And other stuff related to OnePlus users in Malta, and it grew to 2k users,” said group Founder Jason Buhagiar.

Since its inception, the group has grown. OnePlus devices can now be bought, sold and exchanged. “Nowadays the group is more active with users selling and buying OnePlus devices and users who are looking into getting advice prior to purchasing OnePlus devices,” added Mr Buhagiar.

Vintage Computers Malta

For all things computing – Vintage Computers Malta has it all. Initially set-up to preserve computer technology, the group has evolved to promote all IT related initiatives and news varying from the Amiga Malta Users Meet-up, to a look-back on the history of computers.

“Old computers come back to life in The vintage computer club. Our primary goal is that through old technology we teach students how computers work and inspire them to venture in this field,” said Vintage Computers Malta.

The entity also has a club in Attard which organizes lectures and lessons for all age groups. The premises also have a small collection of computers on display for the general public.

PC Gamers Malta

Bringing together gamers from around Malta, PC Gamers Malta is a platform for discussions and queries about all things related to video games. It is also a great platform to make new friends therefore you find new people to play with.

“PC Gamers Malta is a group of like-minded individuals who share a love for PC gaming which help one another with any difficulties with PC gaming,” said Founder Samuel Spiteri.

Tech Malta

Tech Malta aims to bring local tech enthusiasts together to discuss and share information about anything related to technology in Malta. Group topics vary from AI, local tech events, to queries related to gadgets malfunctioning

Do you know of local pages that are great for tech enthusiasts? Get in touch with us at Gadgets – we’d love to hear from you.