If You Do These 5 Things, You Are Seriously Addicted to Your Phone

phone addict

People get addicted to their phone. It happens.

In this day and age, when everything can be done from your phone and with science saying that getting likes on Instagram gives us a dopamine high, it doesn’t come to much surprise that our smartphones have become an extension of our self.

Our smartphones have become one of the most inseparable pieces of technology in our lives. The average photography enthusiast doesn’t need a camera anymore, the blogger doesn’t need a laptop and someone who doesn’t wear a watch can keep track of time from their phone.

If you find yourself doing these five things… we have bad news for you. You are addicted to your smartphone.

You reach for your phone when it isn’t in your pocket

Reaching for your smartphone and slightly panicking thinking you lost it (even though you know you don’t have it on you), this is when you begin to truly realise what a staple our smartphones are in our life.

It’s your only source of entertainment

Going for a drink or meal with your friend and as they excuse themselves for a run to the bathroom, you are not quite sure what to do and you feel slightly awkward.

You check your phone like a crazy person for notifications

When you do have your phone on you, you find yourself continuously pulling it out of your pocket every so often just to check whether anything new has come up.

Your phone replaces all clocks

Your alarm is on your phone. You miss your alarm since you take it for granted that your phone will wake you up. Spend a day at the beach without your phone having absolutely no idea what time it is, that is if you are not wearing a watch.

You sleep next to your phone

Going to bed without your smartphone, you are not quite sure what to do. Usually, you would endlessly scroll until you nod off. On this special night without your phone, the pitch darkness of your room will have to help you nod off, rather than your Instagram feed.

Spend a day without your phone. Notice how much time you truly spend on it.

Try it out yourself. Let us know how badly you are addicted to your phone in the comments below, we won’t judge you.