10 Beer Gadgets You Need for St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day beer drinking gadgets

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us – the day that everyone becomes Irish. Here comes the free-flowing Guinness, ginger beards and beer bellies. To help out your suds-fueled day, we have come up with a list of beer gadgets you’re going to want this St. Patrick’s Day.

Tap King

Keep it classy with the Tap King. Are you getting too old for the whole St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans and want to spend the day home with your Mrs. but still want to get your St. Paddy’s booze up on? This gadget will turn any beer into pub-quality draught beer.

beer tap for home by tapking

Cup and Lid Beer Camouflage

Scared of looking like you are in the St. Patrick’s spirit on the job and still wish to cherish St. Paddy’s? Make your beer look like a coffee-to-go with this deceptive beer koozie. Please note this will not mask your beer breath.

Shower Beer Holder by Sudski

Want to keep your celebrations going in the shower? Sudski have come up with a beer can holder that sticks on your shower wall. It even has an integrated drainage that gets rid of unwanted moisture so your beer stays cool.

Beer Bong

This beer bong called the Q-Bong is a pressurised beer bong for consuming your beer faster than ever. The Q-Bong works in a way that supercharges the whole process of downing your beer by using a pressurised delivery method which will shoot out a flash flood of beer like an exploding dam.

pressurized beer bong by q-bong

Smartphone breathalyzer

This on-the-go breathalyzer can hook up with your smartphone via bluetooth and is packed with features that make this alcohol testing device the best. It is said to have police-grade technology which will ensure no hiccups (pun intended) with the law on the Irish’ favourite day of the year.


This device can cool a can of beer in under a minute by simply spinning it in ice. All you have to do is snap on this special drill bit to the can of beer, dip it in some ice and let the Spinchill work its magic.

Beer Opener Smartphone Case

Bottle openers on St. Patrick’s day tend to be harder to find than leprechauns. Pop open your brews with this amazing smartphone case that also acts as a bottle opener. Thank your lucky charms for this smart phone case.

Along with all these gadgets to supercharge your beer drinking experience on this special day in honour of St. Patrick’s, we urge you to drink moderately and do not drink and drive.

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