NEVER Miss a Package Again in Malta using Easipik!

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Nowadays, ordering online has changed the shopping game. With the help of online services, there is literally no need to leave the comfort of your sofa, desk chair or wherever you are at the time. Did we mention no queues?

Something that we often overlook when buying a product online, is the fact that we will not be home to receive the product. Receiving one of those white papers at home telling you to head to a post office to pick up the product you ordered is a feeling NONE of us appreciate. This is where Easipik steps in.

How does Easipik work?

Maltapost has come up with a new concept that eliminates this overlooked issue.
Easipik is a new concept that allows you to order from ANY online shop in the world and pick it up when it is good for you. Easipik has 13 lockers situated around Malta and Gozo in almost every vicinity to make the process of receiving packages from abroad easier than ever.

Size of the package is also a non-issue. There are 3 different sizes of parcel lockers made to accommodate every type of shopper.

Easipik Images from feature of Gadgets

For a company that receives products from companies abroad on the daily, this sounded all too convenient for us. Gadgets had to try Easipik for ourselves!

Easipik Images from feature of Gadgets
Rachel unlocking her Easipik Locker

The whole process was extremely simple and straightforward. We had no problems with unlocking the locker and using the mobile app by Maltapost.

Easipik Images from feature of Gadgets