10 Things We Learned from the Fireside Chat with Apple Co-Founder “The Woz”

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Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), one of the island’s biggest iGaming employers, hosted legendary Silicon Valley tech pioneer Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak in Malta, at the company’s five year anniversary event.

GiG’s conference, ‘Gigsters Connect’, kicked off today with the “fireside chat” with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for all GiG employees, some university and MCAST tech students, developers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and some members of the business community.

Gadgets and four lucky, Woz-obsessed winners from our Facebook competition attended the event.

Attendees learned about Apple’s humble beginnings and heard first hand how Steve Wozniak changed the status quo during the technological revolution.

Here are some of our highlights from the Fireside Chat:

1. He was one of the first to own a Segway

What a legend, Steve Wozniak rolled into the event on a Segway. Turns out he was one of the first to embrace the Segway and finds it a great form of transport.

2. Always following the latest gadgets

Steve always tries to be at the forefront of new technologies and innovation, keeping himself very much immersed in the world of tech.

3. Get a smart watch if you haven’t already

The Woz swears by smartwatches and couldn’t begin to explain the convenience they give to the consumer.

4. The Woz is pretty keen on Tesla and electric cars

And has been pretty stealth about convincing his wife about his latest obsession.

5. “Smiles minus frowns”

Steve says don’t worry too much about the little things.

6. Be a builder

Steve Wozniak says if you have an idea, don’t just wait around with your pen and paper for funding. Get into your garage and make it happen.

7. Marketing mindset

Steve Jobs knew the importance of having a marketing mindset. Steve Wozniak explains how he could have never made it without Jobs, since he thought more like a marketer than an inventor.

8. Whatever you do walk away when the passion goes

Steve Wozniak explains how you should never push or create a product or service if you do not still have the burning passion for the idea.

9. The future of Blockchain as a technology and using it to create interesting apps

Wozniak spoke about how differently Apple deals with your information such as credit card details and addresses when compared to companies like Facebook or Google who sell your personal data. Wozniak envisions that Blockchain technology can be used beyond cryptocurrencies to create new interesting apps that solve some of these problems.

10. Think different.

Gadgets was given time for an interview with Steve Wozniak before the event. Stay tuned for our feature and more updates on our Facebook page.

GiG’s event continues tomorrow with nonstop meetings, hackathons, parties and learning opportunities for all their GiG employees.