Stuck on what to do over Santa Marija? Science Week has you covered!

3D Glasses

It’s the heat of the summer, and with kids having been off from school for almost two months, you start running out of ideas of what to do. It’s too hot to spend a day melting away at the beach and being indoors under an a/c has its limits. Luckily, Esplora has created Family Science Days throughout the week of 13th-18th August to give our kids something to do in this sweltering heat! Here’s what is lined up during this great week.

Optical IllusionInteractive hands-on activities for adults and kids alike

The event will see a number of exhibitors such as Sharklab Malta, Greenhouse Malta, Heritage Malta and many more organisations, who will be at Esplora to celebrate and share their work with visitors through hands-on activities. You will also be given the opportunity to meet with individuals who work in the STEM field and are carrying out STEM research. It is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty whilst learning and building knowledge on science and thinking processes.

FamilyOver 200 exhibits to enjoy

Esplora offers over 200+ interactive and educational science-related exhibits. Each exhibit is different and topics vary from the human body, light diffraction, mirror illusions, planet earth and plenty more. There are exhibits for all age groups and no matter how old you are – there is something for everyone.

Child smilingLots and lots of rockets

Let’s be frank – everyone enjoys making rockets, even with the simplest elements like air and water! During Family Science Days, Esplora is organizing Blast Off – a hands-on workshop where you can investigate rockets and learn how to shoot them up to the sky.

If coding is what you’re looking for

Sphero’s Heroes workshop is targeted towards anyone who wants to learn more about coding in an imaginative and fun environment. A series of coding challenges will be set up using block coding and problem-solving skills.

So many bubbles

If you have children, then you know they go absolutely nuts for bubbles. Family Science Days will see a beautiful bubbles show which will feature bubbles of all sizes, floating everywhere. Children will learn what bubbles are made of, how they’re formed and they might even get the opportunity to step inside Esplora’s human-sized bubble!

Want to learn more?

This great week happening in the comfort of fully air-conditioned premises, is happening from 13th – 18th  August at Esplora in Kalkara. 
More information about this great week can be found by visiting