11 Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber from YouTube Themselves

youtube tips to be a successful youtuber

At the free event “Finding Your Voice in the Digital Age” organised by MEP Francis Zammit Dimech, we were given the ins and outs of becoming a successful YouTuber from Google representatives.

youtube event malta francis zammit dimech MEP

Here are eleven tips we took away that can help those who missed this unique event learn how to maximise their online presence:

1. Share your passions

You are always more passionate when speaking about the things you love. Being passionate about something that translates through video brings up engagement instantly as viewers can see that you are genuinely passionate about the subject.

2. Organise your channel

Ask yourself “What type of content on this channel is there that can leverage your channel to the top?”. Sort your content accordingly so current and new viewers can find the videos they are looking for, without spending half an hour scrolling through your videos.

3. Introduce your channel and brand

The first video you upload should be a ‘trailer’ to tell your potential audience about your channel, personal brand and what content is to come.

4. Personalise your channel

It is important to utilise all of Youtube’s personalisation tools. Add a banner, icon, name and don’t forget a logo!

5. Identify the message of your video

Start by establishing the story you want to tell and know from beforehand how to best capture the message you aim to put forward to your audience.

6. Engaging titles

It’s of utmost importance to have a searchable title so people can find your videos and channel easily. Good practice is using well written descriptions and using the right keywords. Use a short and sweet title (around 45 characters) so this way you can be more easily found and you will rank higher in the searches.

7. Stop focusing on the algorithm

Stop focusing on posting at this time using these tags and mentioning this YouTuber in the title. Put the user first, create fun and engaging content. Build on what you know about your audience and what they love.

8. Integrate all your social media channels

It is very important to connect all your social media channels such as your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and website, so your audience can see other sides of your brand.

9. Understand your audience’s “Passion Points”

Be authentic and captivate the user, take your time to tell your story. Always be prepared to evolve and create the next chapter based on your community.

10. Be honest

There is nothing to hide, don’t try putting unrelated content on your channel just to get new viewers. Keep your current audience happy with content you know they love.

11. The 3 Pillars of channel optimisation

Be found: Put importance on thumbnails (have a high distinction between the subject and the background – visual depth), info cards (link to related videos, collaborators or even a subscription link), and stand out of the crowd.

Keep them watching: Give people something worth watching. People quickly lose interest and fall off from channels so guide desktop and mobile viewers to your playlists, videos, merchandise and more.

Create a Community: Use the branding watermark function but don’t overdo it. Limit your call to action buttons, focus your traffic. Use end cards to lead your viewers to your channel.

With one billion hours of content being watched on a daily basis on YouTube and 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute, YouTube is here to stay and is the best tool to get out video content to a broader audience than just Facebook and Instagram.

Do you think YouTubers get enough help with optimising their channel or is it left down to the user to research and figure out what to do?