Gadgets 2020+ Event: What Went Down?

Gadgets 2020+

TV show Gadgets has come a long way since its inception in 2007. It has become a force to be reckoned with. Starting out as a mere 30-minute show in its early years, it is now a brand – in its own right. It has built notoriety for providing information all things tech, not just through its TV show, but also through its online platforms and annual Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotic Olympiad. So, what is Gadgets’ mission for 2020?

To inform and educate on all things tech

Gadgets will continue to be at the forefront of all tech-related information. This will be to educate the public, not only about gadgets, but also about technology in its entirety. Technology is ever-changing and has great influence on the way we live. Gadgets’ mission is to pass on knowledge to assist us with the way we experience technology in our everyday lives.

All tech reviewed by Gadgets can be bought online

In line with persistently being at the forefront of all gadgets both locally and internationally, Gadgets has set out to build its very first e-commerce site. Any tech items seen and reviewed on the Gadgets show or online platform, can be purchased from the Gadgets website itself!

Keeping the consumer in mind

As a brand, Gadgets has become synonymous with anything tech-related. In fact, the public sends hundreds of messages to Gadgets every month for information about all things tech. With this in mind, Gadgets will be launching a detailed survey on tech behaviour to better understand the needs of the consumer.

The Gadgets EXPO 2020

Following last year’s success at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotics Olympiad, Gadgets will once again be participating at the MRO to showcase all things tech – from snazzy gadgets to healthcare technologies, to home tech that can change the way we live and work.

Being Green is part of the Gadgets mission

Caring for our environment has never been more pivotal for our well-being. At Gadgets, we understand the importance of living a healthier lifestyle to improve our standard of living. So, we will be promoting any technologies and gadgets that can aid with this mission.

Want to know more about Gadgets?

Check out our video which we presented to attendees at our recent Gadgets 2020+ event. Get in touch here or find out what we are all about by messaging us on Facebook.