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Smart Bin by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Have Created A Game Changing… Smart Bin?!

Yep, we've added another device to join the machines when they eventually rise up against the humans. Your bin. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen. The smart bin is expected to cost around CNY199, or around €25. and is expected to release on 11th of September.

If You Have a Samsung Phone Your Photos Might Have Been Sent Out Randomly

If you have a Samsung phone running Android Oreo (8.0+) you might be affected by a new bug. Some users are reporting that the recently...
Privacy Settings

How Companies Can Trick You into Accepting Their Privacy Settings

Our brains need to process a huge amount of information in a short amount of time. To make it easier on itself, your brain...

Over 800 Cryptocurrencies Are Now Worth Less Than 1 Cent.

Cryptocurrencies were all the rage a while ago. And they still are. There was a time when everyone was scrambling to buy a graphics...
Slow motion

We Might Soon Be Able to Make Any Video Slow Motion

NVIDIA has been involved in machine learning research for quite a while now. They even released a video card and software dedicated to helping...
Samsung X Galaxy bendable smartphone

Samsung Are Going To Release A €1600 Smartphone

We've been hearing about Samsung working on foldable and bendy displays for a while now. Although we still have no idea what they are...
Apple WWDC

How to Watch Apple WWDC Keynote TONIGHT!

On Monday, June 4th Apple will be kicking off its yearly WWDC event (Worldwide Developers Conference) a showcase for all the things being cooked...
self driving malta

How Self Driving Vehicles Will Improve Your Life in Malta Massively

We live in a day and age of continuously emerging technology. We hear about machine learning and artificial intelligence on a daily basis... but...
xbox controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller: A Game Changing Device for Gamers with Limited Mobility

A demographic of gamers that we rarely hear about, and as a consequence, we sadly don't always consider are gamers with disabilities. Xbox has...
hsbc malta face id technology

HSBC Is the First Bank in Malta to Launch Face ID Technology

HSBC has become the first bank in Malta to provide corporate customers access to the HSBCnet mobile banking app using facial-recognition technology, speeding up the log-in...