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iRobot – Gadgets S12 EP35

[vimeo 169208714 w=640 h=360] iRobot - Gagdets S12 EP35 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Hard Work Pays Off!

A lot of time and energy goes into making Gadgets the best is can possibly be. Meetings, pre-production, production, filming and editing are all...

How To: Long Exposure

In collaboration with Avantech Malta. 

Mita Game Jam

[vimeo 194046600 w=640 h=360] Mita Game Jam from GADGETS on Vimeo.

IFA round up – Gadgets S12 EP1

[vimeo 141150513 w=500 h=281]

Malta Robotics Olympiad Part 1

The gadgets crew head over to the Malta Robotics Olympiad 2017 to check out all the interesting tech on display!

Samsung Galaxy Gear

[vimeo 76352955 w=750 h=422] Samsung Galaxy Gear Evolution from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Gadgets S10EP25

[vimeo 94632563 w=750 h=422] GADGETS S10EP25 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Gadgets S11E30

[vimeo 127458323 w=1920 h=1080] Gagdets S11E30 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

Gadgets S10EP14

[vimeo 84033150 w=750 h=422] GADGETS SEASON 10 EPISODE 14 from GADGETS on Vimeo.