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Our very own Ian gives his views on the latest Samsung releases

Gadgets has checked out the latest range of newly released smartphones by tech giant Samsung. We got our very own phone techie Ian to...
oneplus 6 review

OnePlus 6 | Review

https://youtu.be/XKngmrKWFmc Full review of possibly the most awaited Android phone of the year, the OnePlus 6. Oneplus have taken it to the next level with...
ian's oneplus 6 experience

Ian’s Experience With The Oneplus 6 + Camera Samples

A device I have been waiting for, for the last few months, arrived in my hands a bit over a week ago: The OnePlus...
blu vivo x exclusive review best budget phone 2018

Is This the Best Budget Phone of 2018?!

Budget Android phones have been around for a long time, but they never really quite performed well enough to consider. That is until budget...
samsung q drive washing machine q drive quick drive

Doing Your Laundry Just Got Easier (And Cheaper) with This Gadget from Samsung

Samsung is back. Our excitement from the Galaxy S9 has settled and we have our eyes on a new gadget: the Samsung Q Drive,...
savvisave mapfre middlesea malta new app

Finally! This New App in Malta Will Help You Make Your Goals a Reality

There are plenty of ways to save money, that don't include staying home binge-watching your favourite series on Netflix while your friends go out and...
solar panels malta

Ian’s Experience with His Solar Panel Set Up in Malta

Last year, I decided it was time to take an important decision. An important decision not only for myself but for the environment: solar...
bt commercial malta

Never Wait for Hot Water Again | Bosch Gas Water Heater Explained

We all have experienced that moment when you hop into the shower only to be hit by a stream of cold water, thanks to...

Nokia 6 & 8 Review

https://youtu.be/2kiMjIpeC7Y No! Nokia are not done. Ian reviews the latest from Nokia's comeback season. In collaboration with Intercomp.  

Gadgetina: Charlie Horse Review

https://youtu.be/apF_2MiulL8 Martina from Gadgetina reviews a weird, yet very useful Gadget: The Charlie Horse.