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Myney app launch by Fexserv

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Mobile World Conference 2017!

MWC 2017, the world’s biggest phone show, is here! We’ve put together a list of the hottest announcements so you don’t have to! LG G6: LG...

Samsung’s 4K Shape-shifting TV

Curved 4K displays are still in the early stages of their life-cycle, and given the change in dynamic of the TV, the general public...

Sending smells with your phone

It might sound like a skit from the Simpsons, but the oPhone Duo really allows users to send smells via smartphone, seriously. The oPhone Duo...

Local Startup Conference Heaven: Today & Tomorrow!

As we, here at Gadgets have previously told you, Zest is a place where the entrepreneurs of tomorrow can mingle, learn and expand their connections. The wait...
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The First Classroom in Europe That Is Teaching with Mixed Reality

Today, we headed off to something we have never experienced before, a 21st-century classroom. This classroom in Kirkop at St. Benedict's secondary, together with...

New HTC’s camera: a GoPro for NoPros

HTC has just published the RE Camera, an action camera that anyone can use. It is a standalone digital camera that gives one the...

Uber desperately trying to restore its Reputation

Uber has added “tipping” to their service application, maybe in attempt to regain a positive outlook from customers after many instances of bad publicity,...

Razer micro console announced

During Google’s I/O Keynote, Razer announced that they are currently developing a micro console. Just like the Amazon Fire TV, this app-based console will be able to stream media, and run Google’s new Android TV. The major difference will be, the strong focus on hardcore titles. The company failed to reveal any kind of details, […]

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Ray: the Robot who parks cars

Düsseldorf airport has a new special employee, Ray; an intelligent robotic parking system, which will be relieving the stress from travellers. Developed by Serva Transport Systems, Ray, has space to automatically park up to 249 vehicles of any size. All you need to do, is book your parking space on-line before your flight, via the system’s […]

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The post Ray: the Robot who parks cars appeared first on Some Guys One Mic.