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Eat your heart out with this super smart fridge

Do you often head to the fridge for your morning cereal only to realize you’ve run out of milk? Come and try out the...
spotify open on phone go malta

Protected: You Can Now Stream Music Wherever You Go Without Paying For Internet

GO have taken it into their own hands to save you some money, while not sacrificing anything or making you pay more. GO have released...


Protected: WTF is That Chip on Our ID Cards?

Ever since the new id cards were introduced, I had wondered what the hell the Chip on the back was for. And I'm sure...
Google Lens

Use Your Camera To Get Information About Anything With Google Lens

As of March of this year, Google started rolling out Google Lens on Android devices. At the moment, not all phones support it, and different manufacturers have implemented it in different ways. Most phones have integrated Google Lens directly in the camera app, while others are integrated directly in Google Assistant.

Grim Fandango PS4 Remake

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Apple launch – 09/09/15

Apple launched number of advances in their devices, some of them advances within existing devices, and other NEW devices. iPad Pro, the new Apple...

5 Ridiculously Valuable And Rare Video Games

Remember physical copies of games? Going to the store, and picking out a game that looked cool? excitedly plugging it into your console at the...

Rainbox Six: The Siege Trailer

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