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The EU Parliament Wants To Censor And Tax You On The Internet

Just a few days after Malta was given access to the partnership scheme with Youtube, comes the vote that will take away our freedom...
sasha steve experience at eu parliament

What it Is Like Inside a High-Level Conference at the European Parliament

The 25th of April marked the day the Gadgets crew set off to Brussels for a high-level conference “Shaping our Digital Future” at the European...

Malta Will Use Electronic Vote Counting in The Next Election

The election for the European Parliament has gotten an upgrade. Yesterday the Electoral Commission unveiled the new e-counting system that has been installed in...
Outdated Tech

5 Pieces of Tech That Should Be Extinct by 2020

With technology moving at the pace that it is, it's no surprise that we will leave some tech behind. What can we look forward to losing (or getting rid of) in the next 20 or so years?

5 People LOSING their Jobs to robots

Researchers at the University of Oxford have estimated that a whopping 47% of U.S. jobs will become automated within the next two decades. Robots are...
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Parliament Puts a Halt to Link Tax and a Censorship Machine.. for Now

The Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on copyright in the Digital Single Market was rejected by the European Parlament...
Malta the hub for artificial intelligence featured image

Malta Wants to Become the Hub for Artificial Intelligence

As some of you might know, on the 1st of November, Malta's legislation on Distributed Ledger Technology came into effect. Making Malta the first...

Mastercard Makes Travelling Easier With Blockchain

With the Blockchain sector booming and flourishing every day, financial services giant Mastercard are the latest to get on the Blockchain craze. Mastercard are looking...
simon azzopardi silicon valletta president sherpa

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Simon Azzopardi, Silicon Valletta President

Simon Azzopardi is known as the start-up guy in Malta. He has been responsible for managing incubators, supporting a network of startups, advising corporates on...