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bitcoin blockchain malta

Why Are All These Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies Moving to Malta?

Malta has been breaking the news daily with global leaders in disruptive technologies announcing their moves and new deals in Malta since the government announced...
pet cemetery malta

Sign This Online Petition for Malta to Get a Pet Cemetery Now #RIPSushi

Everyone who owns a pet nowadays, thinks of them as family and considers them as important as human beings. Here at Gadgets, we have...
if we had police cars in Malta that were Tesla

What the Maltese Police Would Look like Driving a Tesla

Teslas and Elon Musk's The Boring Company are the epiphany of innovation within the technology sector and beyond. I mean, who other than Tesla were...
Women in IT

Real Situations Maltese Women Face Working in the IT Sector

This will be about how when someone meets a woman working in IT, you'd think they saw a unicorn (I myself am guilty of this). Or how in the last 10 years, of the 1090 graduates from the Faculty of ICT, only 246 are women.

Gadgets will be Switching to Remote-Working

With social distancing measures being loosened, it’s time we ask ourselves what we, the Gadgets team, have learned over the course...
self driving malta

How Self Driving Vehicles Will Improve Your Life in Malta Massively

We live in a day and age of continuously emerging technology. We hear about machine learning and artificial intelligence on a daily basis... but...
solar panels malta

Ian’s Experience with His Solar Panel Set Up in Malta

Last year, I decided it was time to take an important decision. An important decision not only for myself but for the environment: solar...
norman lowell vlog

If Maltese Politicians and Celebrities Had Youtube Channels

With the YouTube partnership program set to start in September, we are sure there are countless Maltese people waiting to fulfil their lifelong dream...
Samsung X Galaxy bendable smartphone

Samsung Are Going To Release A €1600 Smartphone

We've been hearing about Samsung working on foldable and bendy displays for a while now. Although we still have no idea what they are...
Huawei takes over Apple 2nd Place

Huawei Overtakes Apple to Take Second Place in The Smartphone Market

Huawei is now only trailing behind Samsung in sales, and the research firm said that this is thanks to the company's consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, as well as aggressive and creative marketing.