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Instagram Challenges YouTube With Instagram TV

There's a brand new feature in the latest update of Instagram. Before today, you were limited to 15 seconds in Instagram stories, and 60...


Ok, so we have all heard about this new cryptocurrency craze, in particular the currency called Bitcoin. But what is Bitcoin and how do...

Gadget S10EP37

[vimeo 98904761 w=750 h=422] GADGETS S10EP37 from GADGETS on Vimeo.

What Would Happen if Malta Joined the #DeleteFacebook Movement

All around the world, #DeleteFacebook has been trending on all platforms, including Facebook. This hashtag started trending after the internet was flooded with headlines...

Ian’s Wedding

[vimeo 108459626 w=800 h=450] Ian's Wedding from GADGETS on Vimeo.
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Uber Has a Quick and Easy Fix for Drunk Driving in Malta

With every possible public holiday or feast, comes a release of bad news. This bad news is, most of the time related to a...

IT Experts Share Their Thoughts on Local Financial Security

Many of us are wondering whether money we deposit into our local bank accounts is safe following the recent events where hackers broke into...
Facebook blocked Malta China Great Firewall

You Wouldn’t Be Able To Do These 5 Things If Malta Had China’s Firewall

We've already told you about what an absolute nightmare it is to use the internet in China. This time we are going into the...
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If Every House in Malta Had an Electric Car Charger

Electric cars and vehicles are on the rise locally, as are permits for new flats and houses. The government recently improved the scheme that...

Powers coming to PS4

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