BT Commercial – Bosch

Vodafone’s new Outlet in Birkirkara

Vodafone's outlet in Birkirkara has now moved to a new and more convenient location in the Birkirkara bypass; and today Vodafone unveiled the new outlet,...
OnePlus 6T Rumours

Wireless Charging, Waterproofing: What To Expect From The OnePlus 6T

OnePlus are arguably the kings of the mid-range, faux-flagship market. Not quite a super high-end smartphone, but powerful enough to make the big boys at the...

The Ultimate Gadget Gifts This Christmas

Unsure about what gadget to buy this Christmas? We have created the ultimate Christmas gadget wish list that is guaranteed to impress family and...
VAR france australia

Technology Saves Embarrassment for France Against Australia

Last Saturday, history was made at the World Cup in an opening group stage match between France and Australia. The history being made was...

Hitman First Concept Art

Hitman developers, IO Interactive have announced that the next installment in the franchise will no be shown during this year’s E3 conferences. To ease the pain of their fans though IO Interactive released the first concept art of the game from one of the scenes in the game. As announced on their official site; This location […]

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Facebook Satellite

Facebook To Launch An Internet Satellite Into Orbit

Mammoth amounts of data being transferred every second all over the world. To facilitate this amount of data, we are connected to our internet service provider with wires. These wires are expensive and just plain difficult to install. So you can imagine the challenge of connecting with remote areas of the world.

GDPR Has Come And I’m Still Receiving Newsletters I Didn’t Subscribe To

The 25th of May saw the introduction of the shiny new GDPR. We then entered a utopia of privacy, and security for our personal data. By that I mean that everyone's inbox rang constantly with a cacophony of "WE'VE UPDATED OUR PRIVACY POLICY!" which might as well have said, "We're doing the bare minimum to not be fined".
gmail emails being spied on

Companies Are Spying On Your Emails. Here is How To Stop Them

Safety nowadays has gone away from the traditional safety that we've heard of in the past. Nowadays safety is also referring to keeping yourself...

Exclusive Audio: A Maltese Dad Decided to Live Without His Smartphone During Quarantine

Social distancing has been hard enough, can you imagine virtual distancing too?! We...