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Smart Bin by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Have Created A Game Changing… Smart Bin?!

Yep, we've added another device to join the machines when they eventually rise up against the humans. Your bin. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen. The smart bin is expected to cost around CNY199, or around €25. and is expected to release on 11th of September.
Jail time Malta social network

4 Times Social Media Posts Landed Someone Prison Time in Malta

You may have heard the term Freedom of Expression. Three words that people stick by and oftentimes exploit to its fullest to make sure...
android auto

How To Get Android Auto in Any Car (Without a Car Screen)

What is Android Auto? If you are someone that constantly finds your self dangerously picking up and using your smartphone while driving, Android Auto is for...
How to get banned on Facebook

Doing These 4 Things Will Get You Banned on Facebook in a Jiffy

Getting banned on Facebook can be devastating. We all know how valuable a place to network with other people without any real-life interaction is....
How to stop spam callers

How to Automatically Block Spam Callers Before Your Phone Rings

I don't know about you, but I've never been to Latvia or Cambodia. So you can imagine my surprise when I see someone calling...

These 5 Robots Will Put an End To Annoying Housework

I can't think of anything I dread more, after a hard day's work than doing housework. Whether it's washing the plates, sweeping the floor...
Ok Google Pranks

5 Hilarious Google Assistant Pranks You Can Pull On Your Friends

Google Assistant can be extremely useful. From setting alarms and reminders to telling your phone to play music. Although, here at Gadgets we love to...
cocaine habit

Cocaine Users Are Using Smart Watches To See If it’s Safe To Take More

Fitness trackers are all the rage. They help you get fit, and they help you track your progress and improvement. But one group seem...
electric car charger in Sliema Malta public

If Every House in Malta Had an Electric Car Charger

Electric cars and vehicles are on the rise locally, as are permits for new flats and houses. The government recently improved the scheme that...
steps to take before selling your smartphone

Make Sure to Do These 6 Things Before Selling Your Phone

With all the new, groundbreaking smartphones being released every day, there is no doubt that you have considered an upgrade to your current smartphone....