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facebook has ruined us

5 Reasons Social Media Has Ruined Your Life

From 2004 until today, social media has evolved alongside the human species becoming an integral part of our lives. We have to say that...

Behind the scenes of Gadgetina

[vimeo 129078586 w=500 h=281] GADGETINA HAIR FOR WEB from GADGETS on Vimeo.

If Malta Had To Make a Database to Report Bad Driving Using Dash-cams

England and Wales have recently announced a central database for dashcam footage. This will allow drivers to upload to the database, which is sent...
tech gurus christ scicluna

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Christ Scicluna, Warner Brothers Inspired Animator

Christ Scicluna is a freelance artist specialising in animation. Scicluna has worked on various projects, some of which can't be shared online (yet!). Christ...
Women in IT

Real Situations Maltese Women Face Working in the IT Sector

This will be about how when someone meets a woman working in IT, you'd think they saw a unicorn (I myself am guilty of this). Or how in the last 10 years, of the 1090 graduates from the Faculty of ICT, only 246 are women.
sarah zerafa instagram down

Instagram Superstar – Sarah Zerafa Panics Without Instagram!

Instagram has become part of our daily lives, from looking at what our friends and followers are up to, to sharing what you are...

Ten Awesome Gadgets for your Home

Last week we showed you the ten must have gadgets for your kitchen, and this time we bring you ten brilliantly designed gadgets for...
obsolete household items

7 Obsolete Household Items We Still Find in Malta

The world has changed incredibly in the last 10 years and with many items that would have been deemed a necessity, becoming obsolete around...
if we had police cars in Malta that were Tesla

What the Maltese Police Would Look like Driving a Tesla

Teslas and Elon Musk's The Boring Company are the epiphany of innovation within the technology sector and beyond. I mean, who other than Tesla were...
steps to take before selling your smartphone

Make Sure to Do These 6 Things Before Selling Your Phone

With all the new, groundbreaking smartphones being released every day, there is no doubt that you have considered an upgrade to your current smartphone....