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Silvio Schembri

WATCH: Hon. Silvio Schembri Takes on the Flyboard Challenge With Ian

Here at Gadgets, we decided to challenge Hon. Silvio Schembri’s fitness by testing him out on a Flyboard session with Simon Desira. Ian surprised him...
flyboard malta world champ

WATCH: Malta Hits The Podium In The Flyboard World Cup

Malta has hit the podium at the World Cup. Simon Desira of Flyboard Malta made the podium to pick up his prize for finishing...
qbo roboto go malta robotics olympiad

Meet the Top 5 Robots at the Go Malta Robotics Olympiad 2018

Robots are taking over. At least at the Go Malta Robotics Olympiad they are. If you haven't made your way to see these robots in...
tech gurus christ scicluna

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Christ Scicluna, Warner Brothers Inspired Animator

Christ Scicluna is a freelance artist specialising in animation. Scicluna has worked on various projects, some of which can't be shared online (yet!). Christ...

It’s 2018 and the ”Blockchain Island” Is Still Using Cheques

There is no shortage in ways to pay someone for a service today from, online transfers, card payments, cold hard cash, and cryptocurrencies. You...
electric car charger in Sliema Malta public

If Every House in Malta Had an Electric Car Charger

Electric cars and vehicles are on the rise locally, as are permits for new flats and houses. The government recently improved the scheme that...
simon azzopardi silicon valletta president sherpa

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Simon Azzopardi, Silicon Valletta President

Simon Azzopardi is known as the start-up guy in Malta. He has been responsible for managing incubators, supporting a network of startups, advising corporates on...
Sex and social media matthew bartolo

The Effect of The Excessive Use of Social Media on Sex in Malta

Technology effects us in many ways in our daily lives. But on often overlooked part of our lives is relationships and dating. As with many things, excessive use of technology and social media has created a series of problems with how we approach things.
Tech guru andrew bonello

Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Andrew Bonello, Ex. Google, Dreamworks

Soon after graduating from Oxford University, Andrew Bonello began writing software at film effects and animation studios in Hollywood, CA. He specialised in computer...
runescape moments

3 Runescape Classic Moments That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Admit it, you've played Runescape before. As a matter of fact, you spent at least three hours a day without getting off your chair,...