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Rocket explodes on lift-off

An unmanned space shuttle carrying supplies to the international space station has exploded earlier today few seconds after lift off. [youtube]

Gadgets that make your life easier

You guys love lists, so here is another list of cool and innovative creations that will certainly make one's life easier.   1. A heated butter...

Robot Dragon vs Robot Spider

How did China celebrate the 50th Anniversary of China and France opening diplomatic relations? Well by building a giant robot spider and a giant robot...

Mercedes’ Future Truck


Drone interrupts Euro Match

A DJI Phantom drone carrying a political flag, has interrupted a Euro qualifying match between Albania and Serbia, leading to the referee taking the...

Samsung Note 4 Drop Test


What Does the future hold for Adobe?


Baywatch the movie confirmed

Those of you who were lucky enough to follow one of America's most popular 90s series, Baywatch, will be happy to know, that a...

Problems solved in hilarious ways 

1. Bike Pedal replaced Door Knob 2. Make shift floatie for these guys' power socket 3. No handle? No Problem! 4. The high-tech BBQ 5. Why buy factory...

Meet Ed, the Hyper realistic CG human

Computer generated graphics have come a long way these past twenty years, and as technology keeps progressing, textures and lighting are fast becoming wildly...